The most important trend in technologies is a human being.

Smart cities

Technology fulfills its role only when it serves people. New technological solutions should be designed to improve the quality of human life. This effect can be multiplied and effectively used in the context of urban innovation as part of the smart city concept.

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Our report "Serving citizens with technology" presenting global trends in urban development, as well as the most innovative Polish solutions in urban space will be available on our website from April on.

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Cascading trap of technology

Currently, there is a clear lag in the deployment of technologies and services in smart city applications, versus what those technologies enable. This phenomenon is called the cascading trap of technology. This means that technologies are developing faster than we are able to adapt them, especially in greater ecosystem, which is a city. Therefore, a key success factor is to identify a bottom-up approach that could support development and implementation of solutions that respond to actual users' needs.